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We offer a multidisciplinary, long-term, and value-oriented approach to investing in real estate assets. We employ a highly analytical investment process, marrying local market knowledge with national demographic and capital markets data. This approach enables us to focus on opportunities that provide outsized, risk-adjusted return potential. While we are agnostic to geography and asset type, we utilize our research framework to identify trends and themes that we can deploy on behalf of our investors. Our deal-by-deal capitalizations provide flexibility for us to move up and down the risk spectrum to capture the best risk-return tradeoff available at any given moment in a real estate cycle.


A Unique Model for investing.



We focus on opportunities that are difficult for private equity investors to pursue, which attracts less competition from larger institutions and provides additional relative return potential. We prefer capitalizing each investment independently to avoid the pitfalls inherent in pooled discretionary vehicles. Our deep balance sheet allows us to consummate acquisitions in a timely fashion without the risks inherent to most single-investment capitalization platforms.


Our investment-by-investment capitalization model allows investors to target allocated capital more efficiently and avoid fees on committed but uninvested capital, providing investors with greater control of their portfolio construction.  Each investment structure is tailored to the risk profile and nature of the projected return, whether weighted toward cash flow or residual value.


Our exceptional and diverse portfolio contains multifamily, office, industrial and hotel assets - totaling $1 billion